Simple on course coaching system to guarantee your players lower scores

On Course Coaching System

Guarantee your students drop shots off their handicap and start shooting their best scores ever. 

Creating an effective coaching program that has a BIG impact is difficult.

How do you run playing lessons?  How do you create practice sessions?  And so much more. 

If you’re looking for a simple system to explain course management to students and help them create a purposeful practice plan you have to check out The Scoring Method.

“The Scoring Method has given my students more confidence and a concrete game plan for shooting lower scores… while having more fun.  And they love it!”

Sarah Dant

“The Scoring Method has not only transformed my game but the game of all my students.  It showed them how to reduce tension and in doing so play the golf they know they’re capable of.”

Dave DePula

Are you ready to start guaranteeing lower scores for your players?

The Scoring Method teaches your students the three keys to unlocking their golfing potential. 

It has been used and tested by thousands of golfers all over the world. 

We have all the resources you need to execute a successful coaching plan. 

  • On course coaching scorecards
  • Purposeful practice scorecards
  • Student workbooks
  • and more

Want to test the effectiveness of your coaching skills?  Take our coaching assessment below. 


Get Students on the Golf Course

Get off the range and help students play better golf on the course.

Increase Your Value

Stand out from the crowd by guaranteeing lower scores and backing it up with real results.

Simple Step by Step Plan

We'll show you all the skills that you need to become a results based scoring coach and provide you all the tools for you and your student.

After working with Coach Will Robins and the RGX team for 6 weeks you will learn...

  • How to coach an amazing playing lesson.
  • How to assess a golfers game and create improvement plans.
  • How to guarantee your results.
  • How to build effective coaching sessions to instill new skills for your players.
  • How to create purposeful practice sessions that are fun and engaging for players.
  • How to work with all levels of golfers to get them engaged and shooting lower scores.

What’s Inside This Bootcamp?

An easy-to-follow program designed to teach you to improve your coaching and have a real plan for your students that guarantees lower scores. 

  • 6 weeks of training and videos to help you create an effective solid coaching program for your players.
  • Short daily lesson videos and work sheets so you can plan and keep track of your progress
  • 6 one-hour recorded training calls with proven best practices
  • 6 one-hour LIVE weekly Q&A webinars for fast, practical guidance for success
  • Access to Facebook RGX Community for 6 weeks
  • CoachNow Elite daily Q&A for 6 weeks
  • All supporting materials, worksheets and sample forms
  • What RGX promises – A GUARANTEED 2X Return on Your Investment
  • 30 minute 1-1 mentor calls to get your goals and improvement plan designed

If this sounds like a great fit for you let’s get on the phone and talk quickly about your business, your unique situation, and make sure we’re a good fit to work together


We work with you to ensure you take 100 shots off of your students golf games.  Showing you we’re focused on results, not just giving your a paper certification.

Here’s the proof….

JIM ESTES – Former PGA Tour Player

Jim shares his journey from burnt out instructor grinding out hourly lessons to creating group coaching programs and getting better results.

RGX coaches are challenged to take 100 cumulative shots of their players scores.  Below is a video from Will’s own academy and players.

Take the 100 shot challenge!