During this session with Karl Morris you will learn how to get the very best from your players. Both from a skill development perspective but perhaps more importantly PERFORMANCE on the golf course.

How to fully understand how important ATTENTION is and how you can coach your players to direct their attention with dramatic effect to release their true capabilities.

Above anything else you will leave the session with PRACTICAL and APPLICABLE tools you can use instantly in your coaching day.


Maximize Your Coaching Results

Time: 9:00am PT  /  10:00 MT


11:00am CT / 12noon ET


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The Mind Factor is brought to you by Karl Morris, one of Europe’s leading Performance Coaches who has worked with and achieved success with SIX Major winners and over a 100 PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA and Ladies European Tour golfers; a consultant to the PGA of Great Britain and Europe, he has presented seminars all over the world to the Australian PGA, South African PGA, German PGA, Swedish PGA, Dutch PGA, Belgian PGA, GUI and the Hong Kong Golf Association, to name a few. Also, working with top class amateurs, he has worked with numerous Walker Cup and Curtis Cup players all the way through the game to aspiring amateurs or simply club golfers who just know there is something missing.

The MIND FACTOR has consistently produced outstanding results for clients at ALL LEVELS of sport and business with a practical and applicable approach based on real-world experience as opposed to classroom theory.  Karl Morris is not a Sports Psychologist but a PGA Professional specializing in Performance Coaching.

No matter what level of the game you play, he can HELP you become a better player or a better coach and have a more enjoyable EXPERIENCE. Taking action is the key!!


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