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How to use social media to grow a 6-figure golf coaching business

DATE: 1-25-21

Time: 9:00am PT  /  12noon ET

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We get real about the business of golf instruction:

  • How to get more students even when it seems like you can't grow your business
  • How to find success with group coaching
  • Simple steps to help your coaching guarantee results

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How you can get more students, create a healthy work-life balance, and start group coaching programs.

(Without working more hours and sacrificing your family time)

Join us on a Monday Mastermind call to learn:

I want to help you get rid of the fear of selling and replace it with the passion for coaching

At Will Robins Golf here in Sacramento we’ve personally generated $3,000,000+ in instruction sales and RGX coaches have generated $8,000,000+ over the past 8 years. Ask questions and learn how you can grow your business!

Better student results, improved revenue, and fewer hours worked

The math is simple with group coaching… Work less hours. Students get better faster. And you get paid more. The problem is most golf instructors just don’t know where or how to start.

Are you ready to start guaranteeing lower scores for your players?

Learn some of the ways we help improve your playing lessons and get guaranteed results for our students.

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