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Ramp Up X-Golf Coaching Revenue and Results by RGX

Training Includes:



A: We want to help you jumpstart your business so you are busy as soon as you open.  Scheduling events, setting up introductions to X-Golf,  and performing intentional community outreach can help you build traffic and fill your calendar before you open.   You will want potential customers to help spread the word pre-opening so that on Day 1 your business is already thriving.  This program provides a proven roadmap for a successful fast start.

A: Having everyone trained at the same time makes it easier to close business working as a team.  When everyone encourages the customers to take advantage of all of X-Golf’s many services,  customer spend increases and retention builds.   Bartenders and Assistant Managers play a pivotal role in creating a customer experience that leverages active cross-selling.  

A:  This training helps maintain a high volume of traffic throughout the year while ensuring you operate at peak performance during your busiest season.  You will learn a variety of techniques to steadily grow your business through referrals and keep customers coming back for more.   Your X-Golf location can become the hub of an active local golfing community year-round. 

A: We recommend having 2-3 of your key team members attend the training at the same time.  This provides everyone with a common process and the skills to attract, introduce, engage, grow and build high-value X-Golf customers.   Participating together also makes it much faster and easier to close business working as a team.

A:  The materials provide an excellent roadmap and samples of the tools you need.  The key to successful selling lies in how far you implement these concepts, not just reading about them.  This program emphasizes setting goals within your business, being accountable to make steady progress toward them,  and taking the right actions to follow through.   It focuses on profitable selling techniques that are proven and guaranteed to work.  The experience and feedback from mentors within the 

X-Golf community provides practical, real-world guidance to accelerate your progress and keep you on a steep growth track.

A: Perfect! This training originated as a complete selling system for golf instructors.  All of the principles in the training directly apply to golf coaches.  These proven concepts have helped hundreds of coaches worldwide fill their lesson books, grow their bottom line, and bring their life back into balance.   It’s proven to work and we guarantee the results.

A: We start a new session approximately every 8-10 weeks.   We will be happy to keep you informed about upcoming training dates. 

A:  Schedule a call with us to find out more details so you can determine if this fits your business model.  Please  Click here to fill out a few quick questions and request a convenient time to speak.  Once submitted, you will be directed to our online scheduler.

3 X Guarantee for X-Golf Franchisees

RGX stands behind its programs because they work; this has been proven throughout the golf industry. RGX guarantees the value to your business will be at least three times the program cost when you complete “Ramp Up X-Golf Coaching Revenue and Results by RGX” You get a complete 6-month sales program designed exclusively for X-Golf America stores.