Fill your lesson book in just 8 weeks
without feeling like you have to “sell”

MACRO Sales System:

A simple and proven sales strategy created by golf coaches for golf coaches.  Generating $10,000,000+ in sales for golf coaches over the past 8 years.

You’re helping golfers and enjoying what you’re doing but the stress of constantly trying to fill your lesson book is overwhelming. 

What if your lesson book was completely full? 

What if you were working with the students you WANTED to coach?

 What if you were making your target income?

We can help you make it a reality.

Watch how Bo Baker brought in $7000 in his first 6 weeks going through this bootcamp.

“I hit my 10X challenge in less than 4 weeks, the MARCO system Will teach is just amazing, its like i finally understood how to get people to say yes to my coaching”

Nick Duffy

I hated selling especially prospecting and closing and through this course I have lost that fear and am now passionately sharing my skills to help golfer to their goals

John Cominaki

I want to help you get rid of the fear of selling and replace it with the passion for coaching

I’ve developed a unique sales method for golf instruction called MACRO.

At Will Robins Golf here in Sacramento we’ve personally generated $3,000,000+ in instruction sales and RGX coaches have generated $8,000,000+ over the past 8 years.

You’ll leave this bootcamp with a 5 step process guaranteed to increase your sales and retention of players. While learning the specific questions you should ask and in which order you should ask them.


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If you're struggling to fill your lesson book and want to stop having gaps of time open in your day​... This will help!


If you're concerned about the total income you’re making from golf instruction we're going to walk you through a path toward setting and meeting your goals.


If you're honestly questioning if it might be time for a career change to something more lucrative... We have the strategy and methods to help you get moving forward.​

After working with Coach Will Robins and the RGX team for 8 weeks you’ll learn...

What’s Inside This Bootcamp?

An easy-to-follow program designed to teach you to fill your lesson book and have a real strategy towards selling and growing your business​

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We believe in our system so much that we guarantee you 10X return on your investment!
That’s right if you don’t get 10 times the amount back from what you paid we will coach you for free till you get there.  You just have to follow the steps and you will see the returns.

Here’s the proof….

MIKE DICKSON – Teaching Professional at Congressional CC

Mike shares his journey with RGX and how he’s transformed his teaching business at the prestigious Congressional Country Club.

BILL MURCHINSON – Georgia Golf Performance

Bill shares how he’s grown a thriving junior program and the guidance RGX has provided along his coaching journey. 

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