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RGX Results-Based Group Coaching Pathway

10-Week Program

It takes much more than great golf coaching to grow a successful business. Even coaches with a busy lesson book full of enthusiastic players face the financial barrier of time, especially when they attempt to balance their efforts in hopes of avoiding burnout. Some coaches lose their real passion for golf because of the frenzied pace and pressure required just to keep up. They want more value from their time – the question is, how?

What the Data Shows

It takes a coach an average of 42 days to bring in $7,500 in additional coaching revenue once they start coaching in RGX results-based groups.

Using RGX’s comprehensive coaching support, golf professionals can dramatically improve their income and gain more control over their schedule by transitioning from one-on-one instruction to group sessions that deliver faster results. This also helps players with motivation, skill development, and social connections that build lasting commitment to the coach and to the game of golf.

Program Benefits

Selected participants for the RGX Results-Based Group Coaching develop and implement a complete model for successful, profitable group coaching as part of their golf business. This system has helped more than 265+ RGX coaches worldwide achieve dramatic growth in revenue and productivity.

Working closely with RGX Mentors individually and in small coaching groups, you will gain the benefit of a proven process and tools, as well as the skills to implement results-based group coaching as you:

Who Attends This Program?

RGX Results-Based Group Coaching is designed for golf professionals with an active teaching business who seek guidance and tools to implement a productive, profitable group coaching model. Selection for this 10-week comprehensive program requires the successful completion of an interview and business questionnaire along with RGX’s approval. 

Results are guaranteed! This program is designed for professionals affiliated with private or public courses, driving ranges, or indoor facilities.

The Program Breakdown




  1. Comprehensive Business Assessment
  2. Goal Setting & Timeline Planning
  3. Road Map for Business Model & Metrics

You will work with expert RGX Mentors to clarify the vision, goals, business model, metrics, roadmap, and timeline for growing your group coaching program. Through a series of meetings and assignments, you will identify, quantify, and prioritize opportunities to propel your success forward.

You will also uncover gaps in your current business approach to overcome. Using worksheets and models, you will work closely with RGX to prepare your Results-Based Group Coaching plan. This phase is approximately two weeks.




  1. 10-Week Pathway: Results-Based Group Coaching
    Training, Tools, and Weekly Calls with Application Assignments and Targets (Live 1 Hour Weekly)
  2. Accelerator Courses: Video Training on Specific Areas
    • Sales and Communication
    • Time and Admin Management
    • Implementing Results-Based Group Coaching

As part of a small, elite team of coaches, you will work in groups to master the Results-Based Group Coaching process and tools with support from RGX Mentors. Each week will focus on a specific aspect of your business model with recommended actions to apply.

You will receive training, tools, and guidance to define and build your program. You will also attend in-depth work sessions to refine your Results-Based Group Coaching offer, target audience, messaging, and launch as you build confidence and start to implement it. You will receive coaching from RGX Mentors and your team to help focus your efforts on tasks that will most impact your results.

Throughout this 10-week phase, you will work on refining your Group Coaching Roadmap to apply practical, proven techniques to drive it forward more effectively.




Coach Highlight – 3x Return on Investment
Your Success and Journey
Shared with the RGX Worldwide Community

During the third phase, you focus on operational aspects that can accelerate your transition to group coaching. Working with your RGX Mentors and team, you will develop a 10-week action plan and metrics to leverage the work you’ve already completed as you fully integrate your Results-Based Group Coaching model into your daily activities. You and your team will report on progress within the RGX Worldwide Community as you complete your program. This phase is approximately two weeks.

Note: Depending on your business strategy and experience, golf professionals who successfully complete RGX Results-Based Group Coaching may wish to gain reinforcement by continuing to work with RGX Mentors and designated RGX graduate coaches who share a similar business focus (private club, indoor facility, elite juniors, academy, ladies, collegiate path, etc.) and through active participation in the RGX Worldwide Community. Participants who prefer to continue implementation on their own are provided with access to RGX Results-Based Group Coaching materials for one year.

Program Resources

RGX Results-Based Group Coaching uses our virtual meeting room to replicate the experience and impact of live, in-person coaching, work sessions, and training. This includes a wide range of interactive tools — polling, chat, breakout group discussion, and small group drills, along with individual worksheets and assignments, all supported by an integrated tracking platform. This comprehensive approach inspires coaches, supports accountability, and provides reinforcement for measured results.


RGX stands behind its programs because they work; this has been proven for more than 10 years. We guarantee the value to your business will at least triple the program cost when you complete RGX Results-Based Group Coaching.

Our Shared Responsibilities

RGX is fully committed to helping you pursue your pathway to success. We guarantee results for you and your organization. Our role is to assist you with clarifying your golf coaching vision, then to help you identify specific actions and strategies that lead to achieving it. Your role is to gain new tools and skills that you can apply to move toward your goals more quickly and easily.

As you implement your goals, we will support you with proven tools, techniques, training, and coaching to significantly improve your progress. This type of mutual commitment and responsibility is very similar to the relationship betwee na golf coach and player – the coach provides various forms of instruction, and the golfer applies what they learn to improve their score.

Your Commitments

As we work together, it is important that you devote the necessary time and effort to move forward toward your results. This commitment is based on three guiding principles which we ask you to agree to:

Carry Out the Work

Be Keen for Coaching

Keep Score

These three Pathway to Success Commitments apply to your involvement in all programs offered by RGX and guide our working relationship.

Coach Results

Dan Bubany  |  Full-Time Coach in Tucson, AZ

Beginning in July 2020, Dan started working with RGX to strategize a plan to help him transition out of the Golf Shop and onto the golf course. Less than three months later, Dan was a full-time Golf Coach. In his first three months alone, he made $28,000, was booked three months in advance, and had a waiting list over 100 players long. Dan now sets his own hours, has greater work/life balance, and makes over $100,000 a year coaching an average of just 10 hours per week. 

Rion Groomes  |  Director of Instruction at Keowee Key Golf & Country Club in Salem, SC

Rion joined RGX with the goal of earning $10,000 in teaching revenue in one year. Working with RGX, Rion shifted to offering group programs and earned $20,000 in just six months.

Karen Davies  |  Golf Coach at Pinnacle Peak Country Club in Scottsdale, AZ

Karen worked with RGX to propel her vision as a “game-changer golf coach” who could bring out the passion and commitment of players while assigning weekly practice to lower their scores. During her first few months, she increased revenue by 25%, reduced her work schedule, and developed a waitlist of golfers to build her small group coaching programs.

Phil Yudys  |  Director of Instruction in Glen Ellyn, IL

In November of last year, Phil came to RGX with a problem. He needed to be more efficient with his time, and he wanted to expand his offerings beyond just teaching individual private lessons. The solution? Results-Based Group Coaching! A little more than 90 days after implementing the Results-Based Group Coaching blueprint from RGX and moving his teaching operation indoors, Phil achieved 240% over and above 3x his Return on Investment (ROI), and it took him just 42 days once he started coaching in groups on a simulator. Now, his confidence is at an all-time high, and he’s getting even faster results than he ever thought possible.

About RGX

RGX is revolutionizing golf “instruxtion” worldwide by teaching golf coaches how to increase their revenue and productivity, bring more value to their facility, and guarantee lower scores for their students.

Led by Founder and PGA Member Will Robins, RGX has expanded to 17 countries and engaged more than 265+ coaches worldwide. 

US Coaches
Coaches Worldwide

RGX helps golf coaches grow their coaching businesses with proven education, coaching, and support. Robins and his team of RGX Mentors accomplish this by:

RGX Coaches have transformed their business and gained extraordinary success under the guidance of the RGX team. Many participants have quickly doubled their coaching revenue and student base while being mentored by RGX – and often with reduced work hours.

In 2022, RGX signed a second three-year agreement to license its materials to the PGA of America. RGX was asked to help define and launch a comprehensive system to help train PGA of America’s 29,000 members on how to become more successful operating profitable golf coaching businesses.