Learn how to make the transition to GROUP COACHING

Do you feel stuck in the 1-1 private lesson model and feel like the unknowns of “group coaching” are stopping you from making the switch… this is for you!

Too many golf instructors feel TRAPPED on the driving range teaching 30 or 60 minute lessons day after day. 

Group coaching has transformed hundreds of golf instructors businesses and it might be a good fit for yours. 

From exclusive private clubs to public driving ranges, RGX has helped coaches in all kinds of unique situations learn how to make group coaching work for them. 


“I've been a PGA professional for 45 years teaching 10+ hours a day for 6 days a week.  This bootcamp and the RGX team helped me to pry my grip off of the private lesson model with a crow bar and help me transition to coaching. I'm now working 4 days a week 8 hours a day and making the same amount of money with a lot more time for my family and lifestyle.”
PGA Master Professional

Better student results, improved revenue, and fewer hours worked

The math is simple with group coaching… 

  • Work less hours.
  • Students get better faster.
  • And you get paid more. 

The problem is most golf instructors just don’t know where or how to start. 

In this bootcamp you will learn and apply the step-by-step process to design, market and fill group coaching programs.



You're working hard and making money but you can't stand on the driving range for another season. You need to change but you don't know how.


You want to retain the income you have or grow it but cut down the amount of hours you're teaching.


If you're honestly questioning if it might be time for a career change to something more lucrative... We have the strategy and methods to help you get moving forward.​

After working with Coach Will Robins and the RGX team for 6 weeks you’ll learn...

  • How to create the programs and products that fit YOUR players and facility.
  • How to get player buy in and handle objections to group coaching.
  • How to price your programming to bring greater value to your player while doubling your hourly revenue.
  • How to create a work life balance through creating a capacity calendar.
  • Identifying your perfect prospect and pioneer teams
  • Learn from other coaches from all over the world in a community that create creativity and accountability.

What’s Inside This Bootcamp?

A step by step program designed to help you transition your students to group coaching.

  • 6 weeks of training and videos tailored to help you fill your lesson book
  • Short daily lesson videos and work sheets so you can plan and keep track of your progress
  • 6 one-hour recorded training calls with proven best practices
  • 6 one-hour LIVE weekly Q&A webinars for fast, practical guidance for success
  • Access to Facebook RGX Community for 6 weeks
  • CoachNow Elite daily Q&A for 6 weeks
  • All supporting materials, worksheets and sample forms
  • 2 / 30 minute 1-1 mentor calls to get your goals and improvement plan designed.
  • What RGX promises – GUARANTEED to increase your coaching revenue while decreasing your hours coaching.

If this sounds like a great fit for you let’s get on the phone and talk quickly about your business, your unique situation, and make sure we’re a good fit to work together


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Mike shares his journey with RGX and how he’s transformed his teaching business at the prestigious Congressional Country Club

BILL MURCHINSON – Georgia Golf Performance

Bill shares how he’s grown a thriving junior program and the guidance RGX has provided along his coaching journey.