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Welcome to the Golf Coach Academy, your ultimate destination for comprehensive training designed to elevate your coaching skills, enhance your business performance, and guarantee outstanding results for your players. 

Our training is crafted to empower golf coaches with proven techniques that not only foster player improvement but also optimize your coaching business.


What’s Included

Comprehensive Training Bundles: Each bundle consists of seven training videos, totaling 3.5 hours of intensive training. The content is carefully curated to provide a holistic understanding of the topics covered, ensuring a well-rounded skill set for golf coaches.

Additional Material Reinforces Training: Enhancing your learning experience are downloadable worksheets/note pages accompanying each video. These resources are practical tools to reinforce key concepts, allowing you to immediately apply your newfound knowledge in your coaching journey.

Bundle 1

Masterful Moves: Unleashing the Power of Dynamic Coaching Techniques and Strategies

Dive into a wealth of coaching wisdom as we explore innovative techniques and strategies to refine your coaching skills. From building personalized improvement plans to mental game mastery, each video is a deep dive into the coaching techniques to bring more value to your coaching.

Simplify Your Teaching: Five Ways to Drive Down Scores

Learn how to get better results for your players by implementing these five steps. Simplify your coaching approach, drive down scores, and create more satisfied and loyal students.

One Simple Stat to Drop Scores

In this 30-minute session, explore how a simple stat can guide students to make changes that lead to lower scores. You'll take away proven strategies and tools to implement this with your students the next time you are coaching.

Building Personalized Improvement Plans

Learn the key things to look for in an on-course assessment to build a plan you can guarantee.

The Only System I Use for Insane Chipping Results

This chipping system can be a game-changer for your students. It simplifies the chipping process, increases consistency, and can lead to lower scores.

Drop Five Shots in Three Sessions: The Three Must-Have Coaching Plans for Rapid Improvement

The three must-have coaching plans for rapid improvement.

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Learn My Wedge-Gapping Playbook

Improve wedge proximity by 35% in just one coaching session. Check out a 10-minute sample of this lesson by clicking on the image!

One Simple Strategy to Dramatically Increase Your Confidence in Your Coaching Skills

Learn the simple strategy to implement to gain confidence in your coaching ability. With confidence, you can transform your players' lives and your business.

Masterful Moves: Unleashing the Power of Dynamic Coaching Techniques and Strategies Bundle

$ 97
  • 3.5 hours of training

Bundle 2

Game Changer: A Series on Elevating Player Performance

Uncover the secrets to maximizing player potential and achieving peak performance. Our coaching focused videos provide insights into creating personalized player development plans, fostering strong player-coach relationships, and implementing effective training programs.

Convert Skeptics to Fans: Turn Players Into On-Course Advocates

On-course coaching is not just another tool in the toolbox; it's a valuable approach to understanding your students' performance and improving their game. Coach Will Robins shows you how to turn skeptics into on-course advocates with three important steps.

My #1 On-Course Game for Low-Handicap Golfers

Learn how to build mental toughness and how to go low.

Speed Up Your Results!

Learn how to effectively use stats to drop more shots from your students' scores.

95–81 in ONLY Three On-Course Coaching Sessions

In this session, learn the exact steps Coach Will took to get these results so you can get the same results for your players.

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#1 Playing Lesson to Highlight Short Game

Will Robins discusses how to help players understand the importance of wedges in lowering scores and provides a practical game to improve wedge play. Check out a 10-minute sample of this lesson by clicking on the image!

Five Keys to Productive Game Assessments

Embrace on-course game assessments as the future of coaching with Coach Will Robins. By mastering these Five Ms, you not only elevate your coaching but also empower players to achieve their golfing goals.

My Breaking 90 Cheat Sheet

Accelerate your students' success from 100 to sub-90 with these five powerful benchmarking games.

Game Changer: A Series on Elevating Player Performance Bundle

$ 97
  • 3.5 hours of training

Bundle 3

Strive & Thrive: Unleashing Coaching Business Strategies for Social Media Triumph and Financial Mastery

Explore the business side of golf coaching with practical guidance on building a thriving coaching business. Learn to save valuable time, streamline your operations, and implement strategies that drive income growth. Elevate your brand presence and attract more clients with our in-depth exploration of strategic social media and financial success tactics.

How to Use Social Media to Grow a Six-Figure Golf Coaching Business

Coach Will Robins provides a strategic roadmap on utilizing social media to propel business growth, comprising ten key steps.

Three Reasons Why 90% of Golf Pros Don't Hit Their Financial Goals

In this training session led by Coach Will Robins, participants will gain invaluable insights into the three common pitfalls that hinder 90% of golf professionals from achieving their financial goals. You will gain actionable strategies to propel your financial trajectory towards success in the competitive world of golf coaching.

Four Steps to Close More Sales

Will Robins takes you through a systematic approach designed to enhance your sales closing techniques.

Delight Your GM: How to Quantify Your Value and Expertise

This comprehensive session hones in on three key areas that, when effectively addressed with management, promise mutual benefits and contribute significantly to the overall success and prosperity of your coaching business and golf facility.

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From $20K to $150K in 18 Months

Learn Coach Will Robins’s three daily habits that led to his coaching business’s success. Check out a 10-minute sample of this lesson by clicking on the image!

Three Key Metrics to Grow Your Coaching Income 10X

Learn how to increase your income 10x as you track and improve these three business metrics.

Five Questions to Know If You're Ready to Hire Additional Coaches

Coach Will Robins gives his insights from the experience of growing his own team of coaches and locations.

Strive & Thrive: Unleashing Coaching Business Strategies for Social Media Triumph and Financial Mastery Bundle

$ 97
  • 3.5 hours of training

Bundle 4

Revolutionizing Golf Coaching: A Blueprint for Launching Results-Based Programs

Gain valuable insights into structuring your coaching business for sustained success. From effective marketing techniques to financial management strategies, this series equips you with the tools to build a robust coaching business that stands the test of time.

Five Tips for Running Successful Summer Camps

Coach Will Robins offers five tips for running outstanding junior summer camps.

Running Profitable Golf Outings

Learn how to build a community to create retention and cash flow in your coaching business.

Defining a Clear Path to College Golf

In this session, we will outline exactly what your top junior golfers and their parents need to understand and do to give them the best chance to play collegiate golf.

How to Group Your Adult Players for Coaching

Learn proven ways to group your adult players to get better results and make sessions more fun.

Three Ways to Jumpstart a Junior Tour Series

Learn proven techniques Coach Jared has used to create and sell out his WRGolf Junior Tour Series at multiple locations.

Three Ways to Improve Your Communication with Parents of Junior Golfers

Tips for communicating with parents of junior golfers.

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Creating an Inviting Ladies Coaching Program

Building a successful ladies’ golf program involves understanding the participants’ lifestyles, providing flexibility, and creating an enjoyable learning environment. Coach Jared reviews the top three key principles for creating and sustaining successful ladies’ golf programs. Check out a 10-minute sample of this lesson by clicking on the image!

ALL FOUR Bundles

$ 197
  • 16 hours of training

Time Only!

Revolutionizing Golf Coaching: A Blueprint for Launching Results-Based Programs Bundle

$ 97
  • 3.5 hours of training

Meet Your Trainers

Meet the trainers from Golf Coach Academy who are shaping the future of golf instruction.

Will Robins, PGA, the Founder and CEO of WRGolf and RGX, is at the forefront of revolutionizing golf coaching globally. Based in Folsom, CA, Will owns and operates WRGolf and leads Robins Golf Logistix (RGX), guiding instructors in implementing coaching programs that guarantee results and accelerate progress for their students.

Will’s impact is widely recognized, with accolades such as the 2024 NCPGA Teacher of the Year; 2024–25, 2022–23, 2019–20, and 2017–18 Golf Digest Best in Your State (CA); 2020 & 2021 GRAA Top 100 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional; and induction into the 2023 California PGA Teaching & Coaching Hall of Fame.

Jared Butts, PGA, an RGX Mentor and Golf Instructor for WRGolf. Hailing from Ohio, Jared’s passion for coaching led him to Folsom, where he collaborated with Will to foster significant personal and business growth. Recognized by Golf Digest as one of the Best Young Teachers in America 2021–22 and 2022–23. Jared plays a pivotal role in shaping and testing the innovative programs taught in RGX, mentoring coaching worldwide and helping them achieve a balanced and simplified lifestyle.

At Golf Coach Academy, we are committed to your success. Join us on this transformative journey as we equip you with the knowledge and skills to enhance your coaching abilities and build a thriving and sustainable coaching business. 

Elevate your coaching career with Golf Coach Academy – where expertise meets excellence.