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RGX How to Fill Your Lesson Book Bootcamp

10-Week Program

Most golf professionals have a passion to help golfers achieve their goals. They love the experience of coaching but dislike the vital step of finding more players to sign up for their programs. They lack skills and confidence in selling. Yet just like working on a golf swing, there is an approach to recruiting students and growing sales that works best and leads to dramatically improved results. It is based on science, and these skills can be taught. Golf professionals can learn how to weave actionable selling efforts into their everyday interactions while they stay focused on golf.

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RGX How to Fill Your Lesson Book Training provides a clear path for golf professionals to increase their revenue by mastering the science of selling.

Training Overview

You will learn and master the M.A.C.R.O. Sales System designed for and by golf professionals to increase sales revenue. This system has generated more than ten million dollars in sales revenue for golf coaches all over the world. You will gain skills, tools and confidence to:

During the RGX How to Fill Your Lesson Book training, you will learn how to:

Who Attends This Training?

RGX How to Fill Your Lesson Book bootcamp is designed for golf professionals ready to increase their teaching and coaching income – guaranteed! It’s designed for professionals affiliated with private or public courses, driving ranges, or indoor facilities.

Don't take our word for it; hear from two real-world coaches who have transformed their businesses!

$17,500 in the first 45 days!

Bruce Baxley, PGA | Searcy Country Club, Arkansas

$10,000 in the first 30 days!

Jim Estes, PGA | Blue Mash Golf Course, Maryland

Training Resources

Bootcamps use our virtual learning classroom to replicate the experience and impact of live, in-person training. This includes a wide range of interactive tools – polling, chat, breakout group discussion, small group drills, along with individual worksheets and assignments, all supported by an integrated tracking platform. This comprehensive approach inspires coaches, supports accountability, and provides reinforcement for measured results.

Registration is $995 with a guaranteed 3X return (that’s a $3,000 value to your business)!


RGX stands behind its programs because they work; this has been proven for more than 10 years. We guarantee the value to your business will at least triple the program cost when you complete your RGX bootcamp.

Coach Results

Bo Baker  |  PGA Professional in Washington State

“In 2020, I generated an additional $50,000 in new business, and it is because of the RGX How to Fill Your Lesson Book Bootcamp! I had a huge fear of sales, and I see now how much it was holding me back. Through the M.A.C.R.O. Sales System, I have transformed the way I think about selling, and I now have a system to follow that guarantees my results.”

Richard Jumrukovski  |  PGA Professional in Australia

“My business is booming, and it comes down to learning how to sell! My anxiety over selling was all because I did not have a system to follow. It’s funny; I coach golfers how to play golf, but I never thought you could be taught how to sell! The best part is I don’t feel like a salesman. I am just listening and solving people’s problems. It’s amazing.”

About RGX

Revolutionizing Golf Instruxtion (RGX) is revolutionizing golf “instruxtion” worldwide by teaching golf coaches how to increase their revenue and productivity, bring more value to their facility, and guarantee lower scores for their students.

Led by Founder and PGA Member Will Robins, RGX has expanded to 17 countries and engaged more than 265+ coaches worldwide. 

US Coaches
Coaches Worldwide

RGX helps golf coaches grow their coaching businesses with proven education, coaching, and support. Robins and his team of RGX Mentors accomplish this by:

RGX Coaches have transformed their business and gained extraordinary success under the guidance of the RGX team. Many participants have quickly doubled their coaching revenue and student base while being mentored by RGX – and often with reduced work hours.

In 2022, RGX signed a second three-year agreement to license its materials to the PGA of America. RGX was asked to help define and launch a comprehensive system to help train PGA of America’s 29,000 members on how to become more successful operating profitable golf coaching businesses.