Build, Learn, and Implement Your Own Branded On-Course Assessment and Improvement Plan Process

Are you tired of experiencing Groundhog Day in your golf coaching business, doing the same things repeatedly lacking the desired success you want for you and your business?

Now be honest, do you find yourself babysitting your students and them lacking the commitment and effort to their game, yet you’re putting it in on their side?

Are you drowning in administrative tasks after your lessons that eat into your evening and weekends?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to revolutionize your coaching approach and take your business to new heights.

Three Desired Outcomes

During this training, I will lay the foundations for achieving three key outcomes in your coaching business:

  • Wrong approach: Letting students decide, no clear goals, and no understanding of their on-course performance.
  • Right approach: Create a customized assessment, play three holes with your students in 50 minutes, and guide them to their desired level of play. Scott Vice’s success story is a perfect example:
  • Wrong approach: Overcomplicating, failing to get player buy-in, and overwhelming them.
  • Right approach: Craft a simple plan with three key points, show them the roadmap, gain their trust, and utilize your expertise to achieve their goals. Paul Williamson’s case study illustrates this approach:
  • Wrong approach: Focusing on certifications and technology, selling whatever the student wants, being too accessible to your students.
  • Right approach: Let results be your certification, qualify your students, establish clear standards and expectations, and become the sought-after expert. Brian King’s experience exemplifies this:

Build, Learn, and Implement Your Own Branded On-Course Assessment and Improvement Plan Process

What’s Included?

  • All my materials for your branding: Tools you can customize with your logo to create a unique coaching experience, including:
    • Player Discovery Form
    • Player On-Course Assessment
    • Player Improvement Plan
    • Scoring IQ Cards
    • On-Course Assessment Playbook
    • Call scripts, email invite copy, and text invites
    • Videos showing all the how-to’s in action
    • Seven challenges to give you direct steps for action
    • Community to ask questions and post work
    • Step-by-step downloadable workbook to use as you progress through the training

About Me, Will Robins

I started my journey as a golf coach 15 years ago on April Fool’s Day in Folsom, California. What I’m about to share with you today has generated over $7.73 million in coaching revenue.

I’ve since shared these strategies with over 350 coaches worldwide, helping them:

  • Double their income
  • Reduce their workload by 40%
  • And guarantee results for their players.

I’ve also partnered with the PGA of America to transform golf professionals into results-focused coaches.

What’s in it for you?

You will become an expert in on-course coaching, setting you apart in the world of coaching.

You’ll have people more committed to your lessons, ensuring they do the work required to improve.

Your students will experience better results, and their success will promote your brand.

Gain the confidence to increase your coaching fees – usually by a minimum of 20% per hour – as you provide value and results, not just time.

Say goodbye to repetitive hours on the driving range and reignite your passion for coaching on the golf course.

Your students will have a clear, identifiable plan, making them more committed and accountable.

This will change you to elevate your coaching and help guarantee results.

Have three of your students shoot their lowest scores after following this process, proving your new skills in action.


What took me fifteen years, you’ll get access to today, and we brand all the materials with your logo and information for you to use.

Yeah, that’s me; I admit I’m pretty good at this stuff. My fifteen years of experience is filmed out on the course with me coaching this with a golfer.

A community to post questions and comments and our team of mentors will give you answers.

Do the work laid out, and we guarantee your success or your money back.

Minimal Time Investment

All we ask for is five minutes a day, less than 90 minutes in total over 21 days.

We’ve simplified the process, drawing from 15 years of experience and over 18,000 hours of work. You’ll receive templates, forms, scripts, and training to make this transformation effortless.

Quality Financial Investment

For just $495, you gain access to our comprehensive training program, ensuring your success. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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Join us in taking your golf coaching business to new heights, and let’s ensure your students achieve their best scores yet.

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