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The Scoring Method Training Pathway for High School Coaches

Most players looking for great coaching ultimately want to improve their game. Their goal may be to shoot lower scores, play more consistently, improve a specific skill, lower their tension level, get more out of practice, or simply to have more fun.

As a coach you have the skills to successfully deliver great results for your players, but it takes a great deal of time and energy, especially when you consider the effort it takes to design a program, prepare materials, set up customized lessons, create leagues, or track student progress. That’s valuable time spent in the back office, not on the golf course.

With the Scoring Method, you ramp-up your effectiveness with a complete, step-by-step, on-course system to help your students monitor and improve their game.  

What You'll Learn

In the Scoring Method Training Pathway for Coaches, you will learn how to implement every aspect of the Scoring Method to unlock the true potential of your players. You will learn, practice, and implement new ways to: 

Coaching is the best way to maximize unlocking a player's true golfing potential.

What's Included

With The Scoring Method Training Pathway for High School Coaches, you gain access to a complete coaching system, implementation roadmap, and all the materials to launch, track, and run your coaching program.  You’ll become a member of a worldwide network of high-performance coaches who regularly share results and best practices to help ensure your Team’s success.

With this proven training program, you will get online training with Creator Will Robins, in the Scoring Method on how to coach and use the Scoring Method with your High School Golfers.


Membership cost:  $495 annual*

*normally $1,700 (70% OFF!) 

Coaching Results Using the Scoring Method

Ross Kukula  |  Director of Golf Instruction – Arrowhead Golf Club in Molalla, OR

I just watched a 130-shooter score 100 after two sessions of the Scoring Method. I’m completely booked out for the next eight weeks. I plan to add an instructor and will hit 9x my investment before spring.

Derek Siesser  |  Director of Golf Instruction – Indian Canyon Golf Course in Spokane, WA

In my short time using the Scoring Method, I experienced my stagnant student base become re-energized, my facility increased revenue across all departments, and my passion for instruction was re-ignited. The Scoring Method promises to revolutionize golf instruction, and in my case, it has delivered more than 100 times over.

Barbara Blanchar  |  Teaching Professional – WingHaven Country Club in O’Fallon, MO

The Scoring Method has been absolutely perfect for eight high school girls, five 10–12 year-old boys, and eleven new women golfers in my spring program. My students are so encouraged that they don’t need a perfect swing or to hit it perfectly solid. Now they can see how their scores are coming down by improving from 100 yards and in. The Scoring Method provides their actual statistics to help prove how important the short game is. I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to it!

Dan Bubany  |  Golf Coach – La Paloma Country Club in Tucson, AZ

I just completed my 500-Shot Challenge! This is the quickest, easiest way I have found to drop shots off my players’ games, and I truly believe it’s the secret to golf.

Stop trying to perfect the swing and learn to play the game.

About RGX

Revolutionizing Golf Instruxtion (RGX) is revolutionizing golf “instruxtion” worldwide by teaching golf coaches how to increase their revenue and productivity, bring more value to their facility, and guarantee lower scores for their students.

Led by Founder and PGA Member Will Robins, RGX has expanded to 17 countries and engaged more than 265+ coaches worldwide. 

US Coaches
Coaches Worldwide

RGX helps golf coaches grow their coaching businesses with proven education, coaching, and support. Robins and his team of RGX Mentors accomplish this by:

RGX Coaches have transformed their business and gained extraordinary success under the guidance of the RGX team. Many participants have quickly doubled their coaching revenue and student base while being mentored by RGX – and often with reduced work hours.

In 2022, RGX signed a second three-year agreement to license its materials to the PGA of America. RGX was asked to help define and launch a comprehensive system to help train PGA of America’s 29,000 members on how to become more successful operating profitable golf coaching businesses.