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What Golfers Want Now From Their PGA Member

Golfers want to be on the course with their PGA Member improving their skills in a group as they play. PGA Members can improve the impact of their coaching with on-course instruction to achieve better results for players while they gain higher earnings and improve career satisfaction for themselves. Many leading PGA Members have already moved in this direction with outstanding results. The PGA has provided the pathway and tools for this shift to occur as part of the Modern Coach initiative. This support is now offered through PGA Coach, in PGA Section events, and using training programs delivered by RGX. While the use of private lessons will continue, the demand for on-course group instruction is projected to increase going forward. PGA Members are encouraged to understand, evaluate and adapt their coaching programs to take advantage of this opportunity.

What Golfers are Saying


A recent survey of more than 1360 golfers* indicates the golf industry is primed to shift from one-on-one swing instruction to on-course group coaching. Players want more on-course time with their PGA Member for situational learning.

Question 1: Have you ever had an on-course lesson with your PGA pro?

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Question 2: If the participant was offered an on-course playing lesson in a foursome with a PGA Member, would they likely participate?

*Source: Compiled from a Southern California PGA Survey – August 2022.

#1 reason why golfers said yes:

“I will learn from real golf situations with a PGA Professional present.”

The PGA Solution to This Industry Opportunity

PGA Coach makes the training, tools and technology available for PGA members to embrace moving forward. Most PGA Members pursued the golf industry because of their love of the great game of golf and their passion to share this through teaching.

PGA Coach provides every PGA Member, regardless of their career path, current position, or experience, the opportunity to effectively implement coaching based on their desired goals. PGA Coach training fits any Member who aims for more time instructing on the course. It provides an excellent solution for:

At the same time, the PGA continues to make a positive impact on the lives of its Members. PGA Coach is also driving solutions to three of the top challenges faced by the PGA as the golf industry leader:

The profile of the entry level PGA Member is vastly different from decades past, especially their preference for digital tools. New members want to evaluate the realities and rewards of building a career in golf.

The career path must be compelling and financially attractive.

PGA Members can help increase player/club member spend through top-quality events, tournaments, and coaching. They can improve retention by connecting players, building community, and lowering scores. PGA Coach provides tools to accelerate this.

How Do These Trends Impact PGA Members Now? Developing the Modern Coach

To be fair, the answer to this is “it depends.” Each PGA Member may have a different focus when it comes to their players. Are they looking for better ways to approach golf instruction, how to improve player results, or a way to better utilize the course or facility where they coach? Do they want to gain more control over their time, to coach a specific type of golfer, or to scale up a growing business to reach an important financial goal? There are many different paths to high satisfaction with a career in the golf industry.

Fortunately, the tools available for becoming a Modern Coach can be applied to most situations. For several years now, the PGA has provided important training, support and technology through PGA Coach to help make the journey to Modern Coach much easier and more rewarding. And when it comes to offering on-course group lessons, it’s clear that PGA Members who’ve already put the PGA Coach resources into use have an early advantage.

What Does It Look Like in the Field?

The decision to adopt on-course group playing lessons as a Modern Coach business practice will help PGA Members:

PGA Members can deliver more impact from the coaching they provide. During effective on-course group lessons, every coaching point presented may lead to improvement in more than just one player. Learning how to play better golf becomes a fun, interactive experience, and players want to continue. Here are a few examples of how PGA Members have applied group coaching programs that deliver real tools to better play the course without prescribing massive changes to technique:

Scott Vice

Covington, LA

Scott had offered only two on-course playing lessons over his 30-year PGA career when he decided to make a major shift to groups. Over a 10-week period, his on-course group lesson players averaged a 17-shot improvement, with one player progressing from 110 to 80.

Dan shifted to full-time coaching and doubled his income in 3 months to regain better work-life balance. He averages 7-8 group sessions weekly using a 4:1 ratio and has steady business with sold-out programs and a waitlist. His players love the on-course experience that has helped them drop 225 shots in just over one year.

Dan Bubany

Phoenix, AZ

PGA Members can gain more revenue from the time they spend coaching. Many PGA Members are reporting double, triple, and even higher earnings while working the same or fewer hours. This leads to improved work life balance and greater career satisfaction.

Ryan Zylstra

Richmond, VA

Ryan made >$100,000 working 40% less time. He runs 3 programs and 5 groups that involve on-course group coaching; he credits them as helping to drive his success.

Barbara was working far too many hours on individual instruction and felt stuck. By shifting to group coaching, she doubled her income, dramatically reduced her workload, and boosted student satisfaction in just 18 months.

Barbara Blanchar

O'Fallon, MO

By focusing their coaching to include on-course group lessons, Pros shift more time to what they enjoy most – the game of golf. PGA Members cite huge improvements in managing stress, avoiding burnout, and recapturing their love of the game when they make this shift.

Jeff Hochman

Surprise, AZ

Jeff had a full schedule of management and operational responsibility as a Director of Golf. Jeff started to take his players in groups on the golf course and went from making only $2,000 on the side with private sessions to$20,000 annually.

Bo built a successful coaching business, which grew from $23,000 in 2019 to >$100,000 in 2022. He currently coaches 8-11 groups, including juniors, for a total of 20-25 hours per week. With more personal freedom over his schedule, Bo plays 90% of his PGA local chapter events and most of the PGA Section regional events.

Bo Baker

Spokane, WA

The Southern California Section partnered with RGX earlier this year following their presentation at our Youth & Player Development Summit in the Spring. The responses I have received from our members have been nothing short of positive. Our members are learning how to transition their lives in a more positive and meaningful way, creating balance, creating more opportunities for revenue, and elevating their skills as a PGA Member.”
Nikki Gatch, PGA
Southern California PGA
Southern California Golf Association

About RGX

Robins Golf Logistix (RGX) is revolutionizing golf instruction worldwide by teaching golf coaches how to increase their revenue and productivity, bring more value to their facility, and guarantee lower scores for their students.

Let by Founder and PGA Member Will Robins, RGX has expanded to 17 countries and engaged more than 270+ coaches worldwide. RGX helps golf coaches grow their coaching businesses with proven education, coaching, and support. Robins and his team of RGX Mentors accomplish this by:

RGX Coaches have transformed their business and gained extraordinary success under the guidance of the RGX team. Many participants have quickly doubled their coaching revenue and student base while being mentored by RGX – and often with reduced work hours.

In 2022, RGX signed a second three-year agreement to license its materials to the PGA of America. RGX was asked to help define and launch a comprehensive system to help train PGA of America’s 29,000 members on how to become more successful operating profitable golf coaching businesses.