Our mentors:

Will Robins, PGA

Founder & CEO, RGX and Golf Instructor

Through RGX, Will trains over 80 coaches worldwide on how to implement programs that accelerate and guarantee results for their students while doubling their teaching / coaching revenue.

When Will began teaching in 2008, most of his students were asking for him to fix their swing so they could hit the ball farther.  But he knew that wasn’t what they really wanted. What they really wanted was to shoot lower scores! As most pro’s know, the key to scoring well isn’t hitting the long ball. It’s learning the REAL game of golf with one simple idea…get the ball in the hole in less tries than the other players. Will took a group of players on the golf course, observed each player’s game, developed a specific improvement plan for them and taught them how to practice. The results were phenomenal!  His players drop an average of 11 strokes in 10 weeks

Jared Butts, PGA

RGX Mentor and Golf Instructor for WRGolf

Jared grew up in Ohio where he learned to play golf at the age of 10. In High School, Jared was 1st team All-Conference all 4 years, Conference Player of the Year his Junior and Senior year, set the Conference record for lowest round and stroke average, Academic All-Ohio, a member of National Honor Society, and holds 27 individual and team records. 

He was inducted into the Westfall High School Hall of Fame in 2017 and is the only golfer to receive this honor. Jared graduated from Ohio State University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Professional Golf Management. Jared joined the WRGolf team in 2012 and has been the Head Coach since 2014. 

His passion for the game of golf comes across in his coaching of all ages, from 5 years old up to 85 years old, helping each player have more fun while improving in the process.

dan bubany headshot

Dan Bubany, PGA

RGX Mentor and Golf Instructor

Dan was a two-time, Emmy Award-Winning television sports and news anchor before coming to the golf industry. After graduating from the Golf Academy of America in Phoenix in 2016 and quickly earning his PGA Certification, Dan realized that his passion centered around helping people to play better golf. But Dan always heard the same complaint, “I can do it out on the range, but I can’t do it out on the course.” So, shortly after joining RGX in the summer of 2020, Dan gave his last individual, private lesson and now specializes in conducting results-based, group coaching programs utilizing The Scoring Method.

jay cooke

Jay Cooke

RGX Mentor and Golf Instructor

Jay Cooke has been a performance coach for nearly 50 years, with the last five years as a member, and mentor, for RGX. 

He specializes in Communications, with a sharp eye on how to develop and spread your message to prospects, and how to cultivate long term relationships that assure long term financial success.

As well, he is a veteran “on-course coach” at both private and municipal courses, with specialties ranging from effective scoring methods to helping students discover their games by playing the game.

Currently he is Director of Instruction at Country Club of Vermont, Waterbury, and head golf professional at Ryder Brook Golf Club, Morrisville, VT.

Sarah Dant

Golf Instructor and RGX Mentor

  • Elected to PGA Membership in 2004
  • PGA Certified Teaching Professional in 2006
  • Marketing Degree from Mississippi State University
  • Graduate of the PGA PGM Program at Mississippi State Univ. in 2002
  • Member of Proponent Group, The Premier Network of Golf Instructors
  • AimPoint Certified Golf Instructor – Green Reading System
  • Trained by Dr. Rick Jensen in Mental Skill Assessment and Skill Acquisition
  • Level 2 Titleist Performance Institute Golf Professional
  • Vision54 Coach and Participant, Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson
  • Certified Modern Golf Coach, Dr. Rick Jensen and Henry Brunton
  • Will Robins, RGX Coach of The Scoring Method
  • New Rules of Golf Instructor, Charlie King
  • Promotes Edel Golf
  • XXIO Staff Member
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Paul Williamson, PGA

RGX Mentor and Golf Instructor


Paul is a Certified PGA of Australia Member who has achieved advanced status in Coaching, Small Business, and Management in his continuing education. He has also volunteered his time to his State PGA Committee for the past 10 years to help improve the outcomes for his fellow members. 

He has worked in pretty much every role in the golf industry over the past 30+ years.  Paul came to RGX feeling like he needed to make some big changes to his coaching business if he was hoping to finally provide for his family, and still see them. So in the space of just a couple of years, with RGX’s help, he more than tripled his income while reducing his work hours by nearly half. 

Paul is committed to seeing you get similar results too!