Martin Chuck: From Director of Golf to selling 180,000+ training aids

This week we talk with Martin Chuck – he’s a top 50 instructor, and has created one of the most successful tools and academies out there. Martin gives us a deep look at his experience from starting out to what his weeks look like now. He explains the mentality it took to get there, and how he overcame his biggest hurdles. 

He specifically emphasizes the greatest lessons he’s learned in building his business – being dedicated to excellence and building a great relationship with your audience.

“The one thing that would be the biggest mistake, is to take yourself so seriously that somebody doesn’t feel good in your presence. You will lose the students.” 

Building Your Business: 

Martin shares how he’s come to quantify his time, understand his audience and why he’s transparent when it comes to coaching. His stories show vivid examples on how to maintain the value of your coaching time and holding people accountable, why it’s crucial to pick a niche in what you’re trying to be, and the benefits to being vulnerable in your coaching technique. 

“The common theme is that people that I’ve seen that have become most successful in the business have been absolutely okay. Getting out in front of things and sharing why they believe what they believe, whether it’s in a video, written, blogging, or however it is. Now all of a sudden an audience starts to happen.”

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